IOP Kick-off: What types of workshops are available?

We understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone. That's way we offer a few different types of workshops as part of our IOP Kick-off.

Before beginning any software development project, we run our IOP Kick-off. It’s a comprehensive workshop where we get to know more about your project, establish your business goals and objectives, and identify what your software product/service needs to achieve.

It’s also a valuable opportunity for you, the client, to share and discuss any ideas, critical requirements, concerns or constraints in relation to your software project.

By knowing all of these aspects in intimate detail, we can help you establish a solid foundation for your software project and set it up for success.

You can learn more about why we insist on running our IOP Kick-off here, and find out what will be covered in a typical workshop in our step-by-step guide to IOP Kick-off here.

Because we understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work for everyone, we offer a few different types of workshops, with unique formats and inclusions to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Here are the three options we offer for our IOP Kick-off:

1) Full day, export only

In this full-day workshop, we’ll collaborate with you to discover the best solutions to take your software project from an idea to something tangible.

We’ll look at the big picture of your software project and discover its goals, problem statements, current solutions, priorities, and what would define the success of your project.

Identifying user types and personas, a solution overview and features are also covered. We’ll then help you to define your software product/service which includes identifying the must-have features of your project, along with some important business elements like determining how it fits into the existing marketplace and clarifying your project’s costs.

This option includes an ‘export only’ of the day’s discussions and ideas, meaning you’ll get access to notes and documentation created in the workshop. (Detailed specification documents and a presentation is not included in this option).

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2) Full-day, specification, presentation

This option includes a full-day workshop where we run through the full scope of your project - see option 1 above, or view our guide to the IOP Kick-off for more details about the workshop.

In addition to the workshop, you’ll get a specification document which details the process, design, tools and method of your software project. The specification essentially lays out the functional and non-functional requirements of your project, and describes the user interactions that the software will provide. You’ll be able to use this document to get your software project started with any software development company, including inoutput.

A copy of the day’s presentation is also included as part of this session. You’ll get access to the slides, notes, brainstorming, diagrams and any other collateral created throughout the workshop. We’ll also present the final idea to you, as if your software project were a finished product or service, and we’ll make recommendations for platforms, tools and solutions. It also gives you the chance to debrief with us after the workshop day and ask any important questions about your project.

As an optional extra to this full-day workshop, you can elect to undertake a half-day or full-day UI/UX session.

Workshop In Progress

3) Two-day, specification, presentation

As the Rolls-Royce of our workshop options, this one digs deeper and allows time to explore all facets of your software project. Perhaps you have intricate features to discuss? Maybe you’d like us to demonstrate examples of what we can create in relation to your project? This two-day workshop will give us the time we need to focus on your software product/service in detail and develop well-considered solutions. 

With this option, you’ll also get a detailed specification, access to the workshop’s notes and collateral, a presentation and, as an optional extra, you can elect to undertake a half-day or full-day UI/UX session.

Want to know more about our IOP Kick-off? Give us a call on (03) 9016 3066 or send us details about your project via our contact form.