Reach more customers by automating your email marketing

Many businesses incorporate regular newsletters and campaigns as part of their email marketing strategy but many companies are using the smarter approach and have set up automated emails that are triggered by a user’s actions.

Why? Automated emails are efficient and don’t require manual handling, plus they are timely, personalised and incredibly relevant to the consumer.

Consequently, emails are opened more frequently and attract more clicks. This drives more visits to your website and results in increased revenue for your business.

Here are a few ways your business can benefit from automating email marketing:

Support your marketing and sales activity

Automated emails can be used to support your existing marketing activities and encourage customers through the next step of the sales funnel.

If your marketing objective is to retain current subscribers to your product or service, an automated email could be sent to a current customer to remind them to renew their subscription a few weeks before it is due to expire. This is a great way to make contact with the customer to encourage ongoing use of your product or service while maintaining and growing sales. 

Another example could be a loyalty offer – an email would automatically go out to the customer when they hit six months or one year of loyalty. You could offer them a discount on their next purchase, invite them to an exclusive event or send them something for free to say thanks for their devotion. It’s a great way to give back to your customers and it will encourage them to stick around for longer. 

If another marketing and sales goal is to increase an individual’s spend by at least one extra transaction per year, setting up automated emails that trigger on specific occasions could be a strategy to implement. For instance, you could send your customer a 50% off voucher for their birthday to encourage them to purchase a product from your online store. 

Reduce man hours

While newsletters and one-off campaigns are manually created and sent to a list of people in one go, automated emails are set up once and automatically delivered to an individual when they meet a trigger.

For example, imagine you have an online shop and you want to send a welcome email to a user when they create an account. The email, automatically sent when a user signs up, could provide instructions on how to use the online store, highlight any special features (such as adding products to a wish list) and suggest a selection of products that may be of interest.

Creating and sending this email manually each time a new user creates an account with your online store would be a time-consuming activity and likely become an overwhelming task in the instance where hundreds of people are creating an account every day. 

Reading Email

Bring value to your customers

Automated emails can be used as a way to serve your customers valuable information about your product or service.

New customers could receive an introductory email that gives them the chance to learn more about you and your business, while a long-time customer might benefit from a more advanced or sophisticated offering because they already have buy-in. 

Say, for example, you run a fitness program online. People who want to join your program have to sign up to complete your step-by-step eight week regime. 

A new member who has signed up to your program for the first time might not be aware of what to expect.  An automated email welcoming them to the program, outlining the course structure and sharing tips for their first week of the course are all useful pieces of information to create value for the new customer. 

Conversely, a person who has previously completed the eight-week course might be interested in moving on to your advanced course. An automated email could be sent to these customers a few weeks after completing their initial program, offer them a discounted rate to join the next program and include an exclusive article about the benefits of maintaining a fitness schedule. 

In both cases, email marketing can be used to connect with your customers and provide them value through useful and educational content.

Emails that get results

As a marketer, you likely have several things competing for your time and resources simultaneously. Automating emails is a smarter way to manage your staff and budgets.

Email marketing still remains one of the most powerful ways to promote your business, and setting up automated emails will mean you can deliver messages that will drive results without having to spend time continuously working on them.

If you’d like to find out more about how automating emails can help your business reach more customers, contact inoutput by phoning (03) 9016 3066 or drop us a note via this contact form.