Your step-by-step guide to our IOP Kick-off workshop

​When it comes to starting any software development project, we run a workshop to ensure we understand the needs and goals of your business. Here’s what you can expect from our IOP Kick-off.

In our previous article, we explained why we run an IOP Kick-off with every client before beginning a software development project.

The IOP Kick-off is a mutually beneficial exercise as it allows us to fully scope the needs of your project and, importantly, gives you the chance to discuss your software project in detail and share any concerns or constraints you may have.

Additionally, the IOP Kick-off allows you to solve any problems related to your project before they arise, it gives you the chance to explore all facets of your project and puts you in a position to get your software project off to the right start.

So, you’re probably wondering what takes place in the workshop and what is discussed. Here’s what you can expect from the IOP Kick-off: 

Step 1. Discovery

In this phase of the workshop we’ll learn more about the background and context of your software project so we can gain a better idea of what you’d like to achieve. We’ll discuss any existing software systems you may be working with, any workflows you use and which area of the marketplace your software product or service fits into.

We’ll also determine any issues your project may encounter that can be addressed through problem solving. For example, what is the problem or need that your project fulfils? Who makes up your audience or user base? What impact do these problems have on your users? What are the target outcomes and success metrics?

We’ll evaluate the problems against the current solutions and alternatives and determine their strengths and weaknesses in addition to addressing your business and personal goals.

Step 2. Scope definition

The scope definition phase will evaluate and prioritise your project’s problem statements. We’ll determine the following:

  • What are we actually going to solve?
  • What do your users care about?
  • Who do we care about most and why?
  • Which problems will we solve, and in which order?
  • How can we prioritise the problem solving through the RICE approach (Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort)? 

Step 3. Ideation

Ideation is all about exploring user personas and journeys. We’ll determine who your software users are, why they are using your product or service and the journey they’ll take to get to your software and actually use it. This phase will be presented from a technology and user interface (UI) perspective, as we work with you to identify personas in journeys. 

Once the user personas have been created, we’ll brainstorm EPICS (software tools and applications) and features of your project, review existing solutions and competitors and outline how we’ll deliver the user journey.

Step 4. Project definition

In this stage, we’ll identify the components required for your software project – for example, is it a host app, admin web app or client mobile app? We’ll also determine the top-level features needed for your project such as the title, description and key requirements.

From there, we’ll look at a delivery plan for your software project which will determine which features can be prioritised. We’ll also establish the minimum viable product (MVP) and minimum marketable product (MMP) for your project, to identify the must-have features to get your software to market quickly.

We’ll then cover some important business elements, including:

  • Pitching your software product/service
  • Determining your software’s placement in the market
  • Identifying customer segments and channels
  • Clarifying your project’s costs (revenue streams and fixed costs)
  • Establishing key metrics for your project Recognising any risks associated with your project idea and its launch.
Iop Kick Off Project Agenda

Step 5. Delivery plan definition

Lastly, our IOP Kick-off will cover a detailed delivery plan for your software project, so you can begin creating it. This will include:

  • A user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) session
  • User workflows, in context of the technology and solution
  • UX discussion
  • UI discussion
  • Creating wireframes or sketches of the core UI
  • Creating a prototype of your software product or service, including user testing and stakeholder interviews
  • BDD scenarios (system behaviour).

By the end of the IOP Kick-off you’ll have a sound understanding of the capabilities of your project, what’s feasible, how to get it to market and detailed plans to get your software product/service up and running.

Want to know more about our IOP Kick-off? Give us a call on (03) 9016 3066 or send us details about your project via our contact form.