The ultimate checklist for your software project brief

We’ve talked about the importance of a project brief before – it’s the first step in getting any software development job off the ground.

Your brief should detail the key ideas and plans for your software project. It can also describe some finer aspects, such as specific functions required for a website or application, but it ultimately should serve as a starting point for a project.

In order to give your software developers a clear idea of your project’s requirements, you’ll need to cover some important details and have answers to a lot of questions.

Here’s our checklist for your software project’s brief:

Project Overview

  • What are the key requirements of your software project? List them in order of priority.
  • What do you expect your software project to achieve or what problem does it need to solve?
  • Why is your software project being undertaken?
  • Who is your software project being created for? (E.g. is it for internal business use, for your customers to use or a B2B tool?)
  • Will your software product/service require ongoing maintenance? (E.g. regular content updates, rolling out new features post launch etc)
  • What are the critical features required for your project?
  • What are the ‘wishlist’ features for your project?
  • How will people use the product/service you want to create?
  • Where will people use the product/service you want to create?
  • What platforms do you think will be suitable for your project?
  • How do you expect your project will grow and advance in the coming months and years?
  • Do you have any constraints for the project? (E.g. strict deadlines, budgets to adhere to etc.)


  • What budget do you have for your software project?
  • Is the budget flexible or scalable? (E.g. do you have an initial project launch budget, followed by an ongoing monthly maintenance budget?)
  • If your budget is limited, can certain features of your software project be eliminated or postponed? This could allow for the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) which will allow you to get your product/service to market sooner rather than later.
Bringing The Scope Together


  • What timeframe are you working with to get the project started and delivered?
  • Do you have any time restrictions? Be sure to supply dates or an estimated project timeline, if possible.
  • Does your project require any rigorous testing prior to its launch? (E.g. beta-testing of a software product by experienced users of a similar program)
  • Will you/your staff require training to learn how to use the software product/service? 

Other specifics

  • Do you have any sketches, diagrams or wireframes to help illustrate your vision for your project? If so, be sure to provide them. This includes any existing graphic designs, logos or images that may have already been created.
  • Do you need to integrate any existing systems with the new project? If so, it’s important to brief your software developer on internal systems they may not be aware of and how they can work to amalgamate them through APIs or database access, for instance.
  • Are there any other conditions, legal requirements or pre-existing projects or software that may impact the development of your project? 

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