Job: Are you a Mid level PHP / Laravel Developer? Come do rad stuff at inoutput

We are a close-knit team of software engineers based in the back streets of Collingwood. We architect and implement elegant software – and work on interesting projects.

We are all technologists and full-stack engineers, fun guys, keep solid programming standards and practises, and encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.

inoutput is looking to hire an experienced mid level developer to join our growing team. We're passionate about development and looking for a dev that shares our love of code, devops, and generally just geeking out. We cover a wide range of tech, from mobile through to big data enterprise systems, and are focused towards engineering rather than just pumping out websites.

We're looking for a full-stack developer fluent in multiple programming languages and comfortable with database design, deployments and handling the implementation of medium sized projects as a lead developer which may also include managing a dev team.

If you're coder at heart and looking to make a move in an environment where you can grow your skills, learn from experienced devs, teach some younger ones and be around people who share your geeky passions then this could be exactly what you're looking for. We put a strong emphasis on regular discussion and evaluation of new technologies, processes and techniques. Our fortnightly "inouttalks" give you a chance to share your personal projects, ideas and experience with the rest of the team as well as learn from theirs

  • PHP (We ♥ Laravel)
  • Javascript (vanilla and ideally a framework)
  • Experience with Source control (Git or SVN)
  • DB - Good SQL skills, DB design and architecture experience

Other skills that would be rad, but not mandatory:

  • JS Framework experience (Ember or Angular JS).
  • Automated testing experience
  • AWS deployments
  • Linux command line-fu
  • Devops experience (vagrant/automated deployment etc)

However more important that knowing these things today – is your passion for learning, and your ability to be a self starter. You will revel in learning a new language or concept, and know when to ask for advice.

We have a great team, and we are looking for someone who is a great fit.


To apply send us a POST request to
with the following data (header content-type "application/json").

"name": "Your name",
"email": "Email address",
"contact_number": "Best contact number",
"about": "Let us know about you",
"links": [
"question_answer": "Who knows?"

Populate the "links" array with any resume/personal-site/example work etc. To get the question (for "question_answer"), do a GET request to the same URL. (also follow-up with an email to [email protected]). 

From there we will have a phone interview, and if all goes well – get you in to meet the team and have a face-to-face. 

There will be some programming challenges, but nothing *too* challenging we hope.

A good good GitHub profile and examples of open source and/or personal projects that you have contributed to carry more weight than a lengthy resume so if you have them make sure you include them with your application.

NOTE: only applications made via the REST API endpoint specified above will be considered

Good luck :)