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Conference ticketing and check-in web application

Inoutput's technical know-how and flair for unique and innovative solutions has allowed us to bring several products to fruition that would’ve been very difficult or impossible with any other technical partner.

Raph Goldsworthy, Managing Director, Better Boards Australasia

Project overview

The Better Boards Conference is the premier governance and leadership conference for leaders of Australasia’s non-profit organisations. However, Better Boards discovered that while the conference was growing year-on-year, they needed to modernise their internal processes to streamline ticket sales, ticket management and the onsite check-in process.

Ordering and ticket management

To alleviate the manual workload of processing ticket orders, printing, sorting, and delivering tickets we developed a web-based ticket ordering and management system; code named 'Iron Dolphin' (don't ask).

The system we developed allows conference delegates to order tickets online and then later log in and make changes to their order, such as exchanges, delegate details and cancellations.

Iron Dolphin introduced more structured business processes while simultaneously making it easier for staff to manage tickets and sell tickets. This saved Better Boards hundreds of hours in administration in the first year the app was used.

On location check-in

When it came to the conference day, checking in delegates was creating a bottle neck. At previous conferences Better Boards had printed and sorted the tickets in advance, which took days, then manually sifted through them to check-in users upon entry. This approach was time-consuming, didn’t allow for last minute changes and frustrated delegates.

inoutput streamlined the check-in process by developing a ‘check-in interface’ for Iron Dolphin which allowed the Better Boards staff to establish multiple check-in terminals (a simple laptop and thermal printer setup) and quickly print tickets on the spot. This had the added benefit of allowing staff to make last minute changes, such as typos in delegate names.

The ability to check-in more delegates than at previous conferences resulted in a seamless and efficient check-in process and contributed to a more positive atmosphere at the conference.


The Better Boards conference ticketing app uses an end-to-end JavaScript stack. The API is powered by Express, a Node.js framework for building RESTful APIs, and the application stores data in MongoDB, which allows storing flexible schema-less objects. This proved to be a perfect fit for Better Boards conference ticketing and events.

inoutput also implemented a visual dashboard to allow Better Boards to quickly track the key metrics for the conference and do detailed reporting afterwards.

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