Professional development web application

inoutput is an ongoing and highly valued partner. Our experience working with inoutput to develop our latest product BoardWise has, as always, been very positive and productive.

Raph Goldsworthy, Managing Director, Better Boards Australasia

Application overview

BoardWise is a coaching web application that provides professional development and educational materials specifically to non-profit boards.

BoardWise features structured learning pathways which educate users about specific topics using videos, articles and assessments. There is also an extensive library of resources in the format of articles, videos and reports.


CPD tracking

BoardWise is not simply a library of curated professional development content. The real value to its users is the ability to track Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Utilising powerful and custom built tracking technologies, BoardWise monitors users’ activities and interactions within the application and accurately tracks, records and publishes them for review. This means CPD completed in BoardWise can be claimed with the director’s chosen professional body.



BoardWise uses an end-to-end JavaScript stack. The API is powered by Express, a Node.js framework for building RESTful APIs, and the application stores data in MongoDB, allowing us to store flexible schema-less objects. This proved to be a perfect fit for BoardWise's pathways and modules.

We offset the management of billing and subscription by using Stripe as an easy to use and quick to implement payment gateway.

Furthermore, we set BoardWise up with a sophisticated data strategy so they could gain insight into their users’ behaviour and grow strategically.

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