Native iPad Application

Mobile cloakroom management – iPad application

inoutput's knowledge, expertise and problem solving abilities astounded me and proved very important in helping to make my simple solution even more simple and elegant.

Dom Goldsworthy

Cloakr is an iPad application used to automate the process of checking garments and items into a venues cloakroom, while providing detailed patron analytics to the venues.

In 2013, inoutput worked with Dominic and Raphael Goldsworthy to craft a clean and measurable minimal viable product (MVP) to test the cloakroom market. Throughout 2014, beta testing along with numerous software updates turned Cloakr into a marketable product, which is now used daily in nightclubs, hotels, and at conferences.

Project highlights

  • Streamlined cloakroom checkin process
  • Digitised data-collection and analytics
  • Native iPad application (Objective-c)
  • Bluetooth and WiFi printer integration
  • Venue administration backend
  • Customisable ticket printing.


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