Social networking analytics web application

Location based social analytics


Geotoko allows businesses to monitor check-ins and location-based social network data for their physical locations. It integrates data from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and provides date analytics about your company’s location-based social media presence. James Cole was the CTO of Geotoko and was responsible for creating and overseeing its full development. In 2011, Geotoko was acquired by Hootsuite.

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  • Easily manage the physical locations you wish to monitor
  • View and analyse customer demographic data
  • Tight integration with the Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Beautiful graphs and metrics for displaying data
  • Interactive heatmap showing the most popular locations near you
  • Acquired by Hootsuite in 2011.


  • Detailed Web-service integration with Social graph data
  • Storage and processing of 'big-data' and data-warehousing
  • Fast aggregation of data optimised for quick lookups (FACT table pattern)


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