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SEA Travel sends students across the world with an almost endless number of tour options. Highly experienced with navigating every corner of the globe, they unfortunately found their website not that easy to navigate.

They came to us for a website that made sense. They wanted something professional and easy to maintain. But more than anything else, they wanted a website that did justice to their tours, with engaging images, videos and interactive features.


We knew we had to start from the ground up, tearing out the foundations and rebuilding them with an entirely new information architecture.

When we arrived with our picks and hammers, we found walls of text and cumbersome PDFs. We chipped it apart and reassembled it into consistent and organised layouts through HTML. By implementing a number of interactive features, we allowed the information to be sorted according to the customers' individual needs and interests, instead of having to be hunted out. What's more, we set everything up so that maps and content be populated dynamically and automatically, saving work for both the customer and the client.

Now, rather than a website with brochures attached to it, we had a stylish and interactive online brochure. So with the architecture in place, we worked on the facade. We implemented a sleek new flat design and created a mobile-friendly responsive layout, ending up with a website as enriching and exciting as a tour overseas.




Interactive Map Panel

Our main challenge for the homepage was to excite visitors by giving them sense of destination while simultaneously providing a great user experience. Our solution was to create this interactive map panel that tidily allow users to see where tours are available, find out about (and locate the destination) and easily navigate to them.


The sample itineraries are backbone of the Student Adventure Travel website. The old website was hard to read unformatted plain text; but we wanted to bring it to life. So we developed a interactive and visual layout.

Now users can get a quick summary of important information a day by day breakdown with a dynamic map that follows the daily schedule and updates as you scroll. Oh and it's responsive of course.

Itineraries Admin

We wanted to make the SEA Travel website as simple and easy to edit and maintain as possible. The challenge was that it required some pretty complicated content architecture. After a lot of careful planning we set out a new information architecture for the website that would allow content to be recycled across pages, give the site longevity and greater flexibility.

This is where Craft CMS really shines. We developed custom content types for each section and integrated it with a CMS that anyone with word processing skills could operate. Content managers don't need to worry about HTML or page layouts or fiddly formatting, Craft takes care of it all for them.


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