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Application overview

Teknocrat is an e-commerce marketplace that enables ideas to grow and come to fruition through a community of like-minded individuals with a vested interest.

The Teknocrat marketplace allows people with innovative ideas to connect with entrepreneurs seeking innovative solutions. Everyone has ideas throughout their lifetime however, the majority of these ideas may not be brilliant or commercially viable. But at some point, an idea can be just that: brilliant. Due to many reasons, these groundbreaking ideas are not executed. This may be due to lack of time, money, or resources.

This is where Teknocrat comes in. Through the use of collaborative tools such as private messaging, feedback collection, and secure asset management, users can develop their ideas and requests in a secure and constructive environment.

Teknocrat ensures that great ideas don’t go to waste.

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There were a few challenges we had to tackle when creating the Teknocrat platform, including:

  • Identity verification and creating secure user profiles
  • Management of private asset permissions to allow for preview-only and full access
  • Split payments across collaborators
  • Subscription payment systems for featuring ideas
  • Automated queue and job systems to automate notification email.

Technologies Used

The core of Teknocrat was built from the ground up, using the Laravel framework which provides fast and configurable data models using PostgreSQL. Other technologies used included:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • Sleeping Owl
  • SharpSpring.


Users of Teknocrat can:

  • Securely document their ideas and/or requests
  • Buy an idea, by purchasing or bidding
  • Gather feedback on their own ideas
  • Communicate with users via the private messaging system
  • Verify their identity by linking trusted account profiles
  • Request collaboration on their ideas
  • Provide a public profile of themselves, the ideas they have sold, and the ideas they have been involved in.


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