Mobile application to connect parents with trusted babysitters

WeSit connects parents with trusted sitters in their network

I can always rely on inoutput to deliver on time, within budget, and to go that extra mile (even when I didn't know which extra miles existed).


WeSit is a mobile web app that connects parents with trusted babysitters in their network. App users can view their sitters list, search for recommended sitters, book and pay for a babysitter all in the same place.

inoutput worked with Georgia Kia through the whole application lifecycle, from creating wireframes for the application to defining the features, designing and developing it and releasing the first version of the app (and two subsequent update versions in the following months).


  • Simple babysitter discovery and management
  • Calendar and booking management
  • Paypal and credit card integration
  • Cross-mobile support (iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Mobile


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