SmartDisplay screens notifications system

Legacy systems integration

inoutput has excellent technical expertise and client engagement


The Tram Disruption Notification system allows YarraTrams staff to quickly and easily create custom disruption notifications to be displayed to passengers on the Smart Display screens, and also within the tramTRACKER mobile application.

inoutput was contracted to develop YarraTrams’ in-house disruption notification management system. The system analyses the existing tram network to determine which areas of the network are affected by a specific disruption and then publishes the user-friendly disruption message accordingly.

Project highlights:

  • Provides up-to-date disruption information to the public
  • Rendered on Passenger Smart Displays and tramTRACKER (iOS and Android)
  • Integration with existing vehicle control systems
  • Microsoft .Net (C#), SQL Server and Bootstrap
  • Responsive Webapp (browser and mobile friendly).

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