Business automation

We understand that every organisation has complex workflows and manual tasks so we build software systems to help streamline your business

Improve productivity, efficiency and compliance

Would you like to streamline time-consuming, complicated and problematic business processes? We can help with tailor-made business process automation (BPA) software which will not only deliver a competitive advantage to your business but also help improve its performance. BPA software can empower your business through improved accuracy and reductions in the costs associated with executing business processes.

System audits and analysis

Is your objective to reduce risk, improve output, achieve compliance, reallocate resources, or all of the above? We'll start by thoroughly investigating how your business currently operates and identify opportunities for improvement. This may include implementing analytic and tracking software, surveying your staff and/or customers and discovering how your business operates first-hand.

At inoutput, we have accumulated years of experience in BPA software, including:

  • Process analysis
  • Automation strategy
  • Lifecycle management
  • Solution design
  • Process design
  • Benchmarking
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Planning and execution
  • Process optimisation
  • Integration management.

Inoutput has BPA software experience in public transport, financial services, events, education and manufacturing.


Automating and optimising your business processes can enhance your organisation’s structure, allowing you to achieve compliance and productivity benchmarks. Inoutput can streamline your business by developing and implementing solutions for:

  • Labour automation
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Leveraging mobile technologies
  • Analytics, reporting and benchmarking
  • Application integration (including legacy systems)
  • Staff and customer feedback automation
  • Customer self-service solutions.

Constant improvement and strategic partnership

We understand that your business must adapt and evolve to remain relevant and successful, which often requires changes in your business processes or compliance obligations. Inoutput can serve as a strategic partner, assisting with implementing the right data strategy, ensuring you’re on the right track, managing technical risk and executing a long-term software development plan. We also provide guarantees on our work and are available for long-term support contracts for your peace of mind.


From custom desktop applications to intranet websites, system APIs and bespoke system workflows, we can automate your entire business, saving you considerable time and money.

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