Data strategy

Looking to improve your strategy? We can give you the right data to support and justify plans for your business

The key to improving your business is having the right data to validate your strategy. Inoutput can work with you to define your business and technical objectives before we design and implement a data strategy.

Remember: You can only measure what gets managed. And you can manage your business more effectively when you have real data.


How much do you know about your users?

We can’t sit next to your users when they visit your website or mobile application, peer over their shoulder and take notes about their behaviour. But we can give you a detailed analysis using real time data.

User intelligence in real time

  • Live user data - see who's using your app right now
  • Event Tracking - track any actions users do or don't take
  • Customer user data - track any attribute about your users
  • Multi-platform - gain insight on web, iOS and Android apps
  • Live user maps - see where your users are located in realtime
  • Import and Export Data - manipulate and merge your data anyway you need.


Wouldn't it be great if you could improve your users’ experience in real time? You can, with the following engagement tactics:

Engage your users while they engage with you

  • Live messaging - send messages to your users in web and mobile apps
  • A/B testing - optimise conversions by testing difference messages and content
  • Auto messaging - trigger messages based on time and behaviour
  • Personalised messages - tailor messages with personal data for each recipient
  • Audience targeting - target the right users at the right time
  • Announcements and guidance - give users information as they need it.


Do you know what your users really want? Now is the time to make informed decisions by asking your users for feedback.

Make informed decisions by asking for feedback

Our data strategies are focused on collecting the right information from the right users, allowing you to make effective and smart decisions.

We can implement the following features:

  • Ask a question - invite your most active users to provide insight
  • Feedback - ask your users for feedback on a feature as they use it
  • Auto follow-up - automatically reengage user segments based on behaviour.


Inoutput can help your business interpret data and show you ways to capitalise on it.

Your strategic partner

We can determine what is working for your business, analyse your current processes and identify areas for improvement. We also deliver practical, strategic advice to create positive change in your business.

Inoutput can provide long-term agreements to optimise and improve your application and help you reach your business goals. This can include everything from strategic consulting to software and application development. We’ll help you evaluate which issues, opportunities, features and improvements should take priority and which aspects will deliver the best return on investment.

Data strategy case studies