Legacy systems

Is your computer system or software program old and outdated? We can create integrations for existing legacy systems, giving new life to an integral part of your business


Legacy lifecycle management

The lifecycle of your software extends far beyond the application development lifecycle, making it an integral part of your business process.

As your business grows your legacy systems may also need to grow, meaning you’ll need to integrate with new software and provide an API (Application Programming Interface) for software to communicate. This is our specialty and we can advise exactly how and when to extend the lifecycle of your legacy systems.

System audits and technical risk assessment

We can review your existing legacy systems and create a risk assessment plan tailored to your business’ needs. We start by investigating your software’s system components, see how they interact together, test each component’s openness and research the technical longevity within your business. We can then provide you with a breakdown of your current system state, any technical risks we perceive and recommendations on how to move forward.

Legacy integrations

We are well versed at integrating many pieces of legacy software. Whether it is a custom DOS solution, an unmaintained Informix database or a disparate collection of CSV files, we can communicate and collate this data and package it elegantly for other systems to consume.


Software life extension

Sometimes your software systems need to grow while your core legacy components need to remain in place. Our software life extension service is specifically designed for this scenario, giving you a clear path to future replacement of your legacy components and a current solution to extend its longevity.

Legacy systems case studies