Web applications

From backend to frontend development, we leverage the best technologies to bring your web projects to life

Whether it's an online management system or an interactive story creator, we relish the opportunity to turn your idea into a practical web application.


The modern web

Websites are not just a plain brochure site anymore, and we love that.

We’ll use our expertise to give your web application a more modern look and feel, help you to meet your business goals and give your users a beautiful, seamless experience.

Web applications can be rich and interactive, providing an immersive experience previously unimaginable from a web browser. Concepts such as responsive web design (supporting desktop, tablet and mobile) are now an expected feature, while SAPs (single-page applications) can create a real "application-like" experience from right inside the browser.

UI and UX

While most companies understand that the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two of the most integral parts of your web application, many lack the experience in correctly designing and laying out the interface.

At inoutput, we believe in modern UI standards and leveraging the best frameworks to guide decisions. Why reinvent the wheel?

We build the user interface starting with lo-fi wireframes (sketches), to hi-fi wireframes using tools such as UXPin. We then choose the most suitable frontend framework, such as Twitter Bootstrap, or InuitCSS.

You can work alongside us throughout the whole process and together we can create a beautiful and extendable user interface.


Responsive web design

Gone are the days of a website being built just to be seen on desktop monitors or laptop screens.

With the growing use of smart phones and tablets, responsive web design (RWD) is now mandatory.

We can create a user interface that works across a range of platforms, from large cinema displays and 4K monitors, to the smallest of smart phone screens.

When many websites are viewed on a smart phone or tablet (or a large 4K screen) the layout suffers and can often look clunky. We won’t let this happen. We only work with frameworks that support mobile and tablet viewing and build the interface from the ground up, meaning your website will behave as expected regardless of the device it is viewed on.

We work with the best platforms

We understand web applications so we’re only going to recommend the best platforms.

As the internet and related technologies have evolved, so too have frameworks and platforms. Some frameworks and backend platforms which would have previously taken months to build can now be done in a matter of weeks.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your web project we will recommend the best technologies to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

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