We Build Boring Software,
So Businesses can Get Stuff Done.

inoutput is a high-quality software development consultancy that works across healthcare, transport, and many more industries.
We are your technology partner in automation and innovation, and help you streamline what you do best - getting important stuff done.

inoutput architects and builds fully custom software to meet your needs. We work very close with you the whole way - from an idea to development, to a live system loved by its users.

We are bespoke software engineers, so we won't design your logo or do your SEO optimisation, and we don't use Wordpress.

We are full-stack and multidisciplinary, working across many languages, frameworks, and platforms. We provide design and ideation, delivery, deployment - and ongoing support as your long-term technical partner.

We are experienced across public transport systems, along with private transport and logistics. We have developed complex software from scheduling and service design - to real-time vehicle data collection and data warehousing.

  • Scheduling systems

  • Delivery systems

  • Operational performance

  • Real-time data collection

  • Vehicle data processing

  • Big data / warehousing

Our client list is not public however can be made available upon request.

inoutput has built systems to manage infection prevention control across hospitals, along with dynamic form-based patient data collection solutions. We have worked in both physical health and mental health - delivering secure and compliant business solutions.

  • Health management systems

  • Dynamic patient data collection

  • Complex rule based forms

  • Secure and compliant

  • Risk management systems

  • Automated reports and analysis

Our client list is not public however can be made available upon request.

Our core competency is business automation systems for boring businesses that need to automate. This has allowed us to work across many industries - including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Financial services

  • Risk management

  • Event management

Our client list is not public however can be made available upon request.

We develop web, mobile, and desktop software. Whilst interested in new technologies and platforms - we choose the best tool for the job, balancing the software requirements with system longevity and maintenance. Below are a few of our favourite technologies to work with at the moment:

  • PHP / Laravel

  • Microsoft .Net

  • React native

  • Vue.JS

  • PostgreSQL / MS SQL

  • Tailwind

Business automation is key to what we do at inoutput. We take your existing stale, manual, and in-efficient processes - and build a custom solution software to streamline it. Whether its a bunch of legacy systems cobbled together, or dead-tree paper documents and "inboxes" - we can help you systematise it with custom software.

  • Business problem analysis

  • Digitisation services

  • Legacy life-extensions

  • Multi-step manual replacements

  • System integrations

  • System replacements

Feel free to contact inoutput any time via email,
or via phone from 9am to 6pm Melbourne Australia time

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0400 946 644

We are a remote team,
from Australia and the United Kingdom

Please note, as a boutique software consultancy inoutput values high quality software development over just pumping things out. This has always worked the best for our clients long-term, and of course we endeavour to do the best we can to meet your needs.